Who owns the McMan™ Trademark?

Who owns the McMan™ Trademark?

Matt McMan aka Mr. McMan is the owner of the McMan™ Trademark U.S. Trademark Serial Number 97531774.

The McMan™ Trademark covers additional goods and services such as: apparel, shirts, pants, and hats; Online Website Development, and Blogging Services; Development of websites; Corprorate Brand Consulting, Business Consulting Services and Corporate Brand Consulting Services; Domain Name Leasing and Licensing of Domain Names and Intellecual Property.

There is only 1 Result at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Trademark Search for McMan. That Result is owned by Matt McMan as documented by this YouTube video on August 6, 2022.

McMan refers to Matt McMan aka Mr. McMan and is Not to be used without Expressed Written Consent of Matt McMan and McMan.

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